viernes, 11 de junio de 2010

Talk about Rage

Primeramente, PERDÓN!! Lo siguiente fue originado gracias a un "inocente" pleito familiar jejeje
Y cada vez que siento que estallo, me coge con escribir. A continuación presento lo que fluyó de mi persona hace un ratito...

PD:: Perdón por el idioma, pero así me salió!

RAGE floods my nervous system like a drug overdose.

A red veil covers my eyes.

In moments like this I’m scared of myself since I’m suddenly so capable of anything and everything and only a bit of self-control to not to surrender to the impulse to hit, cut and hurt prevails.

In moments like this I can fully understand why people kill other people.

Makes perfect sense.

It would be so easy.

It would cost me nothing.

But consequences shall come.

I know, but I simply don’t care much.

Then, the feeling evolves into something even more dangerous: self-hatred.

I despise myself and what I feel capable of doing.

I feel such a strong desire to implode, to burn myself to ashes, to cut my veins and let the blood flow freely, escaping from its imprisonment, which is my body.

But blood reminds me of Vampires.

Of cool skin and sharp teeth biting the tender flesh of my neck.

I could almost feel the sedating state of life oozing out of me.

And I start to feel free, sated, calm.

And tranquility comes back to my being.

And I become myself again.

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