sábado, 12 de febrero de 2011

It's February and I'm in love! ♥

Hehehe, it is the "month of love" and I gotta say, this year, it touched me! ^_^

Since I have no one in the physical realm to bathe in my "lovelitude" (Yup, just invented it), I fell in love with some book characters XD And no, I'm NOT kidding >.>

I have to admit the books I'm about to recommend are wicked hot, action-filled, tear-jerkers, joyful, intriguing, shocking, lusty and completely addictive! Oh, and they have vampires just to make 'em perfect =D

Vamps are my absolute non-guilty pleasure!

So, specially to girls since the stories roll around the fabulous Brothers to make us fall in love with them, I solemnly recommend: THE BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD Series by J.R. Ward. That woman is a freakin genius! ^^ I swear, you'll LOVE 'Em!!

1- Dark Lover
2- Lover Eternal
3- Lover Awakened *Probably the BEST one*
4- Lover Revealed
5- Lover Unbound *Currently reading*
6- Lover Enshrined
7- Lover Avenged
8- Lover Mine

Take my word females and if you're feeling low on love this February, READ THESE!!! hehehe

Peace and love everyone! :*

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